Sunday, May 31, 2015

6 Tips to Spring into Beautiful, Practical Asparagus

I was in a garden store recently and they had Asparagus roots for sale.  Asparagus it a vegetable that takes several years to establish, but then it will come back year after year. 

As I was reading the package a gentleman told me he does not like Asparagus, because it is too tough to eat.  My husband did not like asparagus either because he thought that it was slimy.  Over time he has changed his mind. 

At our house we purchase asparagus anytime we find it on sale.  We find it easy to prepare and delicious and not slimy.  It is good raw, sauteed, roasted, steamed and in casseroles. 

When selecting asparagus, do not choose bunches that have stems bigger than 1/2 inch round and don't pick skinny spears that look like they are drying out.  The older the asparagus, the tougher it becomes.  Look at the bottoms, if they look really dried out you will need to break them off causing you to lose a lot of the spear.

This blog post shares some great ways to prepare asparagus and store asparagus. 

6 Tips to Spring into Beautiful, Practical Asparagus

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