Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Defination of Mindfulness

Mindfulness just keeps popping up.  This week I have been viewing some of the videos in the free mindfulness summit and then today I opened a newsletter from my insurance company and found an article about Mindfulness.  Here is a portion of their article that describes mindfulness.   You can visit the Berkley site to learn more.
Does this sound familiar? You’re at work, longing for a vacation. Then, while on vacation, you’re dreading all the tasks piling up at work. How about this? You’re rehashing yesterday’s argument while driving, so you miss your turn.  In both situations, you’re creating unneeded stress by focusing on the future or the past, but not the present. Over time, these thinking habits create so much stress that your health begins to suffer. Fortunately, there is a way to break these habits and focus your mind on what’s really happening—in this moment, the present. It’s called mindfulness.
Mindfulness means paying attention to whatever is happening in your body, mind, and surroundings as it happens, and not judging it as good or bad. It
takes practice, but once you’ve learned to use this powerful technique, your stress level lowers, and that benefits your health. 
It is not too late to join the mindfulness summit.  This summit is free.

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