Sunday, February 14, 2016

Train Yourself to Quit Procrastinating

Do you put off paying bills, until you get calls or late fees?  Or do you put off doing unpleasant chores, because the thought of doing them is exhausting?  There are several things I often procrastinate about, like cleaning the bathroom or mopping the kitchen floor.  Probably what I procrastinate the most about is making phone calls, especially when I am needing to recruit someone to do something, ask for a favor, or deal with a touchy situation.  E-mail has actually made it easier to continue my procrastination, but I know many things are best dealt with by a phone call or in person.

Recently,  My insurance company sent me a quarterly newsletter and this quarter focused on personal happiness.  There was an interesting reminder about procrastination and the importance of just doing it.  Procrastinators often find themselves stressed out and unhappy. 

Have you ever watched a TV show about Hoarders?  They start out as procrastinators, who can't decided what to get rid of, soon they have too much stuff and they become overwhelmed and then stop throwing away even trash.  The stuff takes over their lives.

Here are some tips to help you get on task. 

Worst Things First: As unappealing as it sounds, create a habit of tackling the hardest or least enjoyable tasks first. Once the bad stuff is out of the way, the remaining items won’t seem as dreadful.

Small Steps: When small tasks pile up for too long, they become like a mountain. Eventually, the very thought of tackling that mountain becomes paralyzing. The key is to give your attention to one item at a time, without worrying about the rest. The mountain won’t disappear, but it does start to

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