Thursday, February 11, 2016

What are You Giving Up For Lent?

During this season many people are selecting something important to them to give up for 40 days.  For years, we would choose things like pop or candy or TV.  In today's world, people are giving up gaming or social media.  Today during a discussion, some ladies were talking about a new idea.  One lady is going to pick an item out of her closet each day to give away.  Another is going to clean out and organize a spot in her home everyday and of course give away some of the items.  I thought what a great idea.

Giving up some of our time everyday to sort, clean, organize and of course find something to give to someone in need everyday for 40 days.  This could be life changing!

Clutter Cost You Time, Money and Energy!

When you enter your home, does your stress level rise because of how much stuff is stacked around?  Do you spend time hunting for items, because they are buried or misplaced?
Do you go out to eat, because your kitchen is too cluttered to cook?
Do you pay bills late, because they get misplaced?
Is your energy level low and is it hard to motivate yourself to clean a room?  Then re-charge by de-junking.

Here is my plan.  Make a list of 40 places that need to be cleaned out.  I have 12 drawers in my bedroom, 13 in the kitchen, 2 in the living room, and 3 in the refrigerator.   That is 30 already.  13 cupboards, so that would make over 40.  Since I am a day late, why not do a few extra.  Hey I might keep it up and do the shelves and doors in the refrigerator.

When cleaning, I will be ruthless and throw or give away any items I have not used in recent years.  I will remove all items and clean the crumbs and dust.  Then I will put the keepers back in an organized way.  There are lots of ideas on pintrest to help me organize the keepers.

The last and most important part is to take the give away box to the donation place immediately.  I will try to take a box each week, so I am not tempted to keep the items or cause another pile that will eventually need to be cleaned out.

Who knows, I may even keep this up all year and move to the bookcases and closets.  Then the garage!  Imagine the possibilities of being clean and organized.  I am on my way to the first kitchen drawer.  Perfect timing, since I need to get one more glass of water in for the day and wash some dishes.

I finished my first drawer!  Threw away 4 items, got one out to use and found something I forgot I had that will be useful for a workshop I am doing next week.  Of course I did choose an easy drawer to start with, but it is a start.  Nothing good enough to give away, but maybe tomorrow.

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