Friday, April 8, 2016

Identify the best storm shelter in your home

We do not have tornados often and basements and storm shelters are not common in our area.  So what should you do if you are faced with a storm that may have a potential tornado.  Sheltering in place is the best idea.

Choosing the best place in your home or workplace to shelter from a tornado isn’t always easy. Many newer buildings don’t have a really good shelter area. Use these rules of thumb to find the best tornado shelter possible:
• Stay away from windows and skylights
• Shelter “down and in” - Put as many walls between yourself and the outside as you can (think of the ceiling as a wall)
• Avoid rooms with large ceiling expanses
• Find an area large enough for everyone to stay comfortably for at least 45 minutes

It is recommended that the room be an interior room like a closet or bathroom.  Practice getting into the area and what you might need to take with you.  You may want a radio or flashlight.  A blanket to cover your heads to keep debris off of you.  Pillows to make it more comfortable.  If you have young children, maybe a small toy or comfort item.

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