Thursday, August 4, 2016

IRS Does Not Call!

We received our second scam IRS call today.  The first was yesterday, saying we owed money and they needed account info.  Today, they told my husband warrants had been issued for our arrest unless we pay this IRS bill.

I know I do not owe the IRS, but just hearing those words or seeing a letter from the IRS makes me nervous.  A couple of years ago we received a letter from the IRS after we had sent in our tax return.  I was too nervous to open it.  It turned out to be good news.   But I still remember the sinking feeling that I had.

These feelings are what scammers rely on.  They also prey on older people they talk fast and try to confuse you.  Beware, be on guard, and if it does not sound accurate, ask them for contact information and tell them you will check with your accountant and call them back.  Chances are they will hang up on you.

The other big scam that we receive calls on often are the companies stating that our computer is messed up and sending messages out and they can fix it if we log on and give them access to my computer.  Do not fall for this.  They are very persistent and do not be nice to them or carry on a conversation or they will call back repeatedly.  

The other scam going around is through e-mail.  These e-mail look real and they are telling you that there is a problem with your account and to log in and check your account.  Do not use the e-mail link to log in.  If you have an account or credit card with the bank and you think it is legitimate, then log in your normal way and check.  I have been getting daily ones from PayPal on my office computer and I do not even have a PayPal account.  Just hit delete on any of these e-mails and protect your account.

Here are some great tips to help you deal with scammers.

FTC Guidelines for dealing with Fraud

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