Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Improving Your Child's Relationship With Food

Many of us have poor eating habits as adults.  These habits can lead to serious health problems.  Over the years as we have been watching the weight of American's rise, researchers have been studying ways to reduce weight. 

Food is an important part of many family and cultural activities and often we use food to make us feel better and get through a hard time, but these relationships often lead to overeating.

Our eating habits begin in childhood and are influenced by many people.  Parents can help support and foster good eating habits with these simple strategies.
  • Never reward or discipline with food.
  • Don't hold dessert until someone finishes their vegetables, etc.
  • Remove any guilt or shame from eating any foods.
  • Link healthy foods to activities children care about.
  • Be a role model.
  • Avoid fat diets.
  • Have family meals without technology.
  • Have a calm unrushed meal.
  • Never force food.
  • Allow children to use their own hunger to determine how much to eat.
For more information, here is a great article from the Government Employees Hospital Association Newsletter.
Improving your child's relationship with food | GEHA

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