Thursday, November 10, 2016

Myth 1 About Celebrating the Holidays with Diabetes

Myth 1: Having diabetes takes the joy out of holiday feasts

It doesn’t have to. It really doesn’t.

Many special homemade dishes are prepared just for the holidays, and you can definitely partake. Choose small portions of your favorites, eat mindfully, and enjoy every bite. Eating slowly is important, and you will enjoy it more if you savor it.  Eat your favorite first, so you will get the full flavor sensations.  Try putting your fork down between bites.

Another option is to bring your own favorite dish that’s healthy and delicious.  You can feel good about sharing healthy food, and you’ll guarantee there’s a good option for you on the table.

Last, but not least, focus on the people around you. Celebrating holidays together is about showing the people you care about just how much you love them. Taking care of your own health is one way you can show you love your family – that you are committed to being around for more of life’s celebrations.

Be sure to plan some family activities into your day so there is more than watching football and eating.  If the weather is nice get the family outside for a walk.  Try some board games if it is cold outside.

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