Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Myth 4 About Celebrating the Holidays with Diabetes

Myth 4: There’s no time to exercise during the holidays

There’s always time for exercise, but what is sometimes missing is motivation or opportunity.  I was reading an article about motivation with several suggestions. 

Some people use pictures to highlight a goal.  Do you have a new outfit you want to fit into?  Some people use visioning as a motivation.  Others remind themselves how good they feel after they exercise.  The act of exercising stimulate our bodies and promote more energy and happiness.

Over the weekend I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie.  The main character carried this large board around with her while she was stranded in a snow storm.  It was her vision board to remind her of her goals.  When I read an article about motivation discussing the success of using pictures to stay motivated, I was reminded about her vision board.  Create a board for you with words and pictures to help you stay on track through the Holidays.

Assuming you are motivated, let’s look at how to provide opportunity.  One idea is to schedule exercise just as you schedule the many holiday activities.  Some people do better exercising the same time every day.  Even a half hour will help you feel better, can you take a long walk during your lunch break or get up 30 minutes earlier.

The time just after a meal is a great time to go for a walk with those you’ve just dined with. You can also just help clear the table or prepare the meal. Even cleaning the house is exercise.

Another idea is to make your holiday plans active. For example, plan a group hike for the day after Thanksgiving and make an event of it (or join a local turkey trot).  Logan Honor Society is hosting a turkey trot Thanksgiving morning.  Details on the school website.

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