Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cooking With Sourdough

After having many requests for a workshop on sourdough bread, I decided to schedule a workshop and began researching.  During the Holidays I started several starters.  During this workshop you will learn about my trials and errors.  It had been almost 40 years since I remember seeing sourdough.  My mother had a starter for a short time.  I remember making biscuits and feeding it, but not what the texture should be.

My first attempts at Sourdough were not successful.  I created two different starters that I thought were ready, but the baked product was not good.  I tried a different recipe and thought that it was too thin. After more research, my 4th attempt was a whole wheat starter.  This produced a tasty bread.  I also started a potato starter which made delicious pancakes.

This week I started another starter and in a few days I will try to another bread recipe.  I am thinking about a french bread.  I have learned this past month, come taste my successes at our Cooking With Sourdough workshop.

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