Monday, March 6, 2017

Quick Meals Tip - Plan Your Meals

Tip 3 – Plan Your Meals – planning before you go shopping can save you money.  How often do we hear this?  But taking the time to plan can also help you save time.  A good plan for your meals, takes the guess work out of what you are having for supper each evening. How many times have you come home from a busy day at work and can't even think of something to make with what you have?

When my kids were home, my Friday night ritual, was to review the grocery ad, we only have one grocery store so it didn't take long.  I would see what was on sale.  Then I got down the big calendar and looked at our upcoming activities.  I tried hard to keep everyone's after school and evening activities on the calendar.  My job and the kids activities kept us busy many nights, so quick meals were the key.

I would plan suppers for the family and lunches for my husband and I.  Lunches were usually planned leftovers.  But if I did not earmark them, my husband would eat them for breakfast.  Then I would make my grocery list making sure I had everything I needed for the week's meals.  A trip to the freezer to get meat out to defrost was the next step in the plan.  I also would make a sticky note of what to get out in the middle of the week and post it on the calendar. 

If I was not going to be home for supper, my family knew to look at the calendar and make what was planned.  It was usually something easy.  This helped us stay in budget and eat at home.

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