Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Read This Before Purchasing the Next New Miracle Cure

In this new world of blogging, it is easy to find someone on the internet discussing food or a food supplement and the latest medical cure.  As we start the New Year, our thoughts turn to getting healthier and losing those extra pounds we gained.  Social Media is packed with promised cures and many  self proclaimed experts.  But, how do we find out true facts.  There are several clues to guide us to true information.
  • Is the claim to good to be true?  Does this miracle cure promise too many great things?
  • What was the testing or study that proved the claims?
  • Does the author have any Formal Training in Nutrition?  The term nutritionist is not a regulated term and anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.  Look for the term dietitian.
This article from the University of Nebraska Food Reflections Newsletter has additional clues to help you determine whether a possible food cure is a wise use of your money and time.  Check it out and sign up for their newsletters.

Before You Read Another Food Article on the Internet

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