Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Using Mindfulness to Manage Your Bloodsugar

I apologize to those of you who have been waiting for the posts I promised you on Mindful Eating.  My internet has not been working well at home and I seem to run out of time during the day.  For those of you that do not receive the "Living Well With Diabetes" Newsletter.  Here is my article introducing the topic.

Over the past few months I have been trying the concepts of mindful eating as taught in a book titled “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat With Diabetes.”  I prepared and taught two series on the concepts and have been trying to implement them in my life.  In this newsletter I have included two of the concepts we discussed.

Many of us try to eat by restricting our diets to the right foods in the right amounts.  We eat because it is time to eat and we eat what is on the plan.  We become  frustrated and bored, so we go off the plan.

Others let our heads tell us that tomorrow we will be better or we have an emotional day and we eat to try to feel better.  We move to an overeating cycle.

Most of us yo-yo between these two cycles.  Which not only affect our weight and happiness, but our blood sugar too.

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The concepts will help us learn to listen to our body to determine if we are actually hungry and then learn to eat the food in a very satisfying way.

To get you started thinking about the last thing you ate.  Did you plan to eat it or was it just sitting there and you mindfully ate it?

When you ate your last meal did you pay attention to it like you loved it ,or did you just shovel it in while you were watching TV or reading.

Did you eat out of the pan or standing up or did you prepare a pretty plate and sit down to enjoy your meal?

Were you even hungry when you ate?  Are you afraid of your blood sugar falling too low, that you eat even when you are not hungry?

These behaviors lead to us overeating but still feeling unsatisfied so we keep eating hoping to get satisfied soon. 

You may get a head start by following the Am I Hungry Blogs by Michelle May.

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