Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bonding With Your Unborn Baby

This evening we had our first Baby Connections New Parent Party.  We had an interesting presentation by Tucumcari Home Visiting on the importance of bonding with your baby while in the womb.

During this time in a baby's development the mother is meeting all of its needs for food, shelter, and safety.  The baby gets use to the sound of the mothers voice.  After the baby is born, just the sound of the mothers voice can calm a baby.   By talking too or reading outloud in a calm voice, the baby becomes more attached to the mom.  This is a perfect time for dad to play a role too.   By reading to the baby in friendly higher pitched tones, the baby is forming an attachment to the dad too. The baby will think of the dad as a safe person and respond to the dad.   Siblings can also read or just talk to the baby.

Unborn babies also responds to touch, sounds, light and taste.  Throughout pregnancy, create a loving space for your baby. Use caring and loving thoughts when thinking about your baby. Encourage your partner to get to know your unborn baby. Sing, read and talk to your baby. Choose music that inspires
or celebrates. Tell traditional stories or jokes.Touch or rub your tummy.  You may even tap back when your baby kicks.  

We also learned about the importance of having a stress free atmosphere while we are pregnant.  This will help our baby develop better and feel safer once it is born.

Join us for our next Baby Connections in June 13th.

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