Friday, April 1, 2016

Save Food Dollars

I hope you enjoyed our 31 days of National Nutrition Month posts.  During April, I am going to switch gears and share information on other topics to help your family. In March, our community program was "Becoming a Savvy Shopper".  I would like to share some of the research that I found to help you save money.

Saving money at the grocery store starts with Planning: looking at sale ads, planning weekly meal menus, and creating grocery lists.  Do not go to the store more than once a week, to limit the amount of impulse purchases.  Also do not shop when you are in a hurry.  Take time to compare prices and make sure you have the correct sale items.  Buy extra of products on sale if they will not go bad before you can eat them.  Make your freezer work for you.  Buy family packs and divide up and freeze in smaller portions.  Don't buy items just because it is on sale or you have a coupon, only buy items that you will use.  Purchase less prepared foods and make more items from scratch.  Double recipes and freeze one recipe for later.  Look for ways to waste less and save money while eating out.  Consider growing your own food.   Enjoy these few tips read this article from the Alabama Extension Service with over 100 ways to save money and see how many you can try.

101+ Ways to Save Food Dollars

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