Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Quick Meals Tips - Freezer Meals

Tip 4- Utilize your freezer by making two meals at once and freezing one for a later time.  This works great for casseroles and soups.  I use this method often for lasagna or stuffed shells.  I also always make extra green or red chile sauce and freeze it.  Then I only have the mess once, but can enjoy flat enchiladas often.

Don't have enough casserole dishes.  Try this handy tip.Before you begin filling up baking pans and casserole dishes, line them thoroughly with plastic wrap.  Once the food has frozen, simply lift up the frozen food, remove plastic wrap, and transfer to resealable freezer bags and then place the bags in the freezer. When you are ready to eat, slide the food out of the bag, place it back into a baking dish.  Place straight from the freezer into a cold oven and then preheating it and cooking it for a little longer — 20 to 30 minutes on average — than you normally would. (Warning: do not put a frozen dish into a hot oven).  Another option is to use foil instead of plastic wrap.

Investing in plastic containers for freezing food is also a good option for soups or foods that are not made into casseroles.  If you are freezing something with a top of tomato or red chile, you may want to use a disposable plastic box or glass as these dishes often stain the plastic.

Be sure to label your items with what is in the container, when your froze it, and reheating instructions.

Sometimes we might freeze a dish without a topping, so the topping does not get soggy.  You can prepare the topping and put it in a plastic bag and tape to the container, or add to your note instructions for making and adding the topping.

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