Friday, March 4, 2016

Savor The Flavor Tip #4 - Be Active

Regular physical activity has so many health benefits. Start by doing what exercise you can for at least 10 minutes at a time. Children and teens should get 60 or more minutes of physical activity per day, and adults should get two hours and 30 minutes per week.

Here in New Mexico, the days are getting a little longer and we have had some great weather this month.   After being inside for a couple of months, we crave the sunshine and fresh air.  People are starting to get out and walk.

Walking is a great exercise option because it does not cost anything and can be done anywhere.  The whole family can walk together or you can reconnect with friends.  Exercise buddies help us keep on track.  Be sure to choose shoes with good support and do a few stretches before you start and walk a little slower right before you quit to avoid injuries.  Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking extra water.  Walk at a speed that allows you to be able to talk.

 If you have not walked in a while, start out with a short route and then add a few blocks at a time.  If you stay consistent and push yourself to add distance, you will see great results from less body aches, able to breathe better, better sleep, muscle toneness, and the loss of inches of your body. The down side you will have to shop for new clothes as you trim up.

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