Monday, November 14, 2016

Myth 3 About Celebrating the Holidays with Diabetes

Myth 3: Artificial sweeteners are the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth

Foods sweetened with artificial sweeteners that won’t raise blood sugar (e.g. Stevia, Splenda, Sweet ‘N Low, Nutrasweet) are an OK option if that’s what’s right for you.  However many of the foods we sweeten with artificial sweeteners are made with flour and still contain carbohydrates.  Sweeteners alter the flavor, leaving us feeling unsatisfied.

Mindful eating research show us that we can enjoy a small piece of a sweet food and feel satified if we eat is slowly and mindfully.  As a result we will eat less.

A better option for dealing with a sweet tooth is training your palate to prefer naturally less sweet tastes.  Gradually reduce the amount of sweetener or sugar in baked products and enhance flavor with spices like cinnamon and vanilla which make foods taste sweeter without adding calories or carbohydrates. 

Choosing fruit as a dessert will give you an extra health bonus and fruit is naturally sweet to help with the sweet tooth.

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